• What’s the minimum age requirement for freediving?
he absolute minimum age, due to physiological development, is 16 years old, however different training agencies (i.e. AIDA, SSI, PADI) set their own distinct age standards.

• Can I dive comfortably in Dahab in winter?
Dahab is a freedivers’ paradise with year round temperate conditions, min. water temperature in winter months (Dec-Feb) of 22c with a max. in summer months of 30c. There are a variety of dive sites, some open, some completely protected, therefore we can select our site for the day depending on appropriate weather conditions.

• Is Dahab safe?
Considering international media attention focussing on current events in the Middle East, we would like to assure our customers and visitors that day-to-day life in Dahab carries on as normal. Dahab is a quiet, peaceful town with a hippy vibe and is globally renowned as a watersports destination of excellence.

While we understand that first-time visitors may be put off by negative media reports, please note that Dahab and the area has not been involved in any security issues. If you have any enquiries regarding the current security situation in the tourist haven of South Sinai, please don’t hesitate to ask - we’ll give you honest ‘insider’ updates.

• Who can freedive?
Literally anyone who has the desire to give it a try! Age-permitting, free diving is a sporting activity that can be enjoyed by all. A reasonable standard of good health is required but don’t worry if you’re not a vegetarian, tea-total, non-smoking yogi - freediving welcomes everyone.

• What medical facilities are there in Dahab?
As a watersports mecca, Dahab features 2 hyperbaric chambers and doctors experienced in dive medicine and dive injuries.

• What else is there to do in Dahab?
You mean you don’t want to freedive every day? There’s plenty to keep you occupied - from desert safaris, yoga, windsurfing, quad-biking and hiking to just relaxing by the sea or pool.

HOW to contact us?

Very easy.
Contact us by email or on facebook or if In Dahab simply pass by our center for information, our hours of business are 9am - 5h30pm everyday. Have some tea and enjoy our amazing view while discussing freediving hopes and aspirations.
Or just give us a CALL at +20 1027 653 340
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