For those who have never freedived before and would like to sample the world of freediving, we recommend our 1 day intro.

The AIDA*, or intro course, is a basic 1 day course for those who are curious about freediving but have not yet decided to do a full course. In just one day you can discover through freediving the amazing underwater world and its many mysteries.

The Discovery course consists of a short classroom theory session in which physiology, breathing, relaxation and rescue techniques are discussed. This is followed by a ‘dry’ breathing and relaxation practice session during which you will implement the basic techniques for appropriate diaphragmatic breathing. Finally, there is an open water session where you will put into practice all the fundamental freediving concepts learned so far.

There are no performance requirements and more importantly, there’s no pressure, so just come along, relax and enjoy!

  • • Course length: 1 day.
  • • Requirements: Be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent) and be able to swim. Medical certification must be completed
  • • Includes: Freediving equipment, insurance and diploma.

Price: 75€

If you enjoy your Discovery experience it’s natural to progress to AIDA**, which can be continued the same day (AIDA* is the condensed first part of AIDA**).


Our 2-day course is the ‘Open Water’ of freediving

You can start the 2-day course, or AIDA **, as a complete beginner - this course offers a comprehensive grounding in technique and safety..

It includes theory and practice sessions which help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy freediving safely. Learn proper breathing techniques, familiarise yourself with diaphragmatic breathing and take a deep breath like you never did before! In this course you will acquire the proper skills and knowledge to participate in freediving to depths of up to 20 meters.

Course summary:


  • • Physics and Physiology
  • • Breathing and Relaxation
  • • Depth, pressure and equalisation
  • • Freediving disciplines
  • • Buddy & safety procedures

Practical sessions:

  • • Breath holding sessions, to learn breathing and relaxation techniques
  • • Dynamic apnea sessions: horizontal underwater swimming, to learn how to move efficiently in water.
  • • Open Water freediving sessions: vertical diving techniques including 
buddy & rescue procedures
  • • Practical sessions focus on getting to know yourself & your buddy, and 
how to prepare and make the most of your training sessions. 

By the end of the course, students will be able to hold their breath for at least 2 minutes,
swim 40 meters in dynamic apnea and perform comfortable dives to between 16 and 20
meters depth.

  • • Course length: 2 days.
  • • Requirements: Be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent) and be able to swim. Medical certification must be completed.
  • • Includes: Freediving equipment, student’s kit, freediving insurance and AIDA** Certification.

Price: 210€


This course will give you a greater knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex, an inherent survival mechanism we possess which consists of a series of adaptations our body has evolved in response to apnea and immersion in water. Learn new advanced equalisation techniques and training methods for freediving that will lead you to more than 20 meters depth, and develop the proper skills to dive comfortably down to 30 meters.

Pre-requisite: AIDA**, SSI level 1 or equivalent course


  • • Buoyancy, proper weighting and free falling.
  • • Physiology and equalising, including the Frenzel technique
  • • Concept of using CO2 table to improve CO2 tolerance and 
  • • Advanced safety procedures
  • • Pulmonary Physiology and barotrauma
  • • Mammalian Dive Reflex 

Practical sessions:

  • • Review basic freedive skills - Diving and finning techniques
  • • Thoracic stretching and visualisation for deep diving
  • • Master Frenzel equalisation and learn the advantages of free falling: 
how it enhances relaxation, preserves oxygen and increases immersion 
times and depth.
  • • Improvement of Static and Dynamic techniques 

  • • Rescue scenarios at depth and on the surface, including self-rescue.

By the end of the course, students will be able to do a breath-hold of at least 2:45min, swim 55m dynamic and perform comfortable dives to between 24 and 30 meters depth.

  • • Course Length: 3 days.
  • • Requirements: Be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent), be able to swim at least 400m non-stop without fins; have completed Level 1 freediving course and logged at least 15 Freediving sessions (Freediver Log book). Medical certification must be completed.
  • • Includes: Freediving equipment, student’s kit, freediving insurance and AIDA*** Certification.

Price: 240€


Beginner to advanced in 1 week!

Our Combo combines our FREEDIVER and ADVANCED course, with a total length of 5 days, providing the perfect opportunity for students who want to start and immediately get into deeper freediving issues . The integration of these two courses provides solid progression and assimilation of concepts.

Price: 440€


Our Expert Level is the pinnacle of our freediving program. You will increase your breath hold to 3:30 minutes, your dynamic to 75m and comfortably dive down to 40m depth. You will freedive at depths well below the residual volume of your lungs. This is a specialised course for deep diving and will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take you into the deep blue, far beyond what you thought was possible!.


  • • AIDA ***, SSI level 2 or equivalent course
  • • EFR (Emergency First Response) or similar First Aid course including CPR within last 2 years
  • • Have logged a minimum of 25 Freediving Sessions (Freediver Log book)

Course summary:


  • • With an emphasis on deep equalisation you will be introduced to Failure Depth (depth at which you can’t equalise), and how to extend it.
  • • Practicing the "mouthfill" technique, and its related issues with pressure and lung measurements.
  • • Learn how to freedive in passive exhale (risks and benefits), as well as the other issues associated with depth such as decompression sickness and nitrogen narcosis..
  • • Lung Packing – how and when to use it and risks

  • • Fitness for freediving – aerobic and anaerobic training, full body & lung stretching including dietary recommendations.

  • • Apnea Training – how to do breath hold training on land.

  • • Retrieval safety systems for freediving

Practical sessions:

  • • In confined water/pool: practicing warm-ups and training tables for maximum performances in Dynamic and Static.
  • • In open water: diving on Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC) to adapt the body to pressure and depth; perform deep rescue scenarios and carry out deep safety procedures.
  • • Performing the “Mouth-fill” equalisation technique
  • • How to coach a buddy through stretching, pool and open water sessions
  • • How to safety dive for and assist a buddy attempting a maximum performance
  • • Course Length: 4 days.
  • • Requirements: Be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent) and be able to swim at least 400m non-stop without fins. Medical certification must be completed.
  • • Includes: Freediving equipment, student’s kit for the course, freediving insurance for the course andAIDA**** Certification.

Price: 330€


Dahab Freedivers Master Course is a 4-week immersion into the world of free diving.

As a non-certified, training -based course, our Master course is ideal for already-qualified freedivers looking to be mentored by world-class professionals, gain tailored freediving experience in professional, competitive and leisure fields, and acquire insight into industry practice. During this course you will train every day (including ‘dry’ days), fine tune your freediving skills, hone your knowledge of freediving theory and practice, learn to supervise and assist freediving activities and instructor-led courses both in water and in the classroom, buddy, coach and mentor other freedivers, and above all, become a completely independent, expert freediver.

Dahab Freedivers MASTER course is also an ideal preparation course for free divers who are interested in taking the Freedive Instructor course (see below).

Our Master course is an intensive course without a fixed schedule, as this will be customised to suit the diver’s and centre’s requirements. Please let us know if you have any specific requirements or areas you wish to focus on.

  • • Pre-requisites: Certified freediver (min. Aida ** or SSI 1).
  • • Requirements: Be at least 18 years old and be able to swim at least 400m non-stop without fins. Medical certification must be completed.

Price: 545€ equipment included


The Instructor Course is a great opportunity to start your career in freediving and teach people one of the most beautiful sports in the world. If you want to enjoy each day of your working life - come and get certified with us!

During the course candidates will be evaluated on presentations, open and confined water practical classes, and thorough free diving theory through student and instructor exams. So be prepared! (see MASTER course for ideal preparation).

A Freediving Instructor Course is a serious challenge and requires real dedication. All disciplines must be well prepared before the course.

  • • Requirements: Be at least 18 yrs old, have completed AIDA**** freediving course (or equivalent), hold a validated first aid certification. Medical certification/ clearance is required (this can be processed in Dahab), and we recommend taking out professional diver insurance.

• Price: €950€

We also offer instructor crossover courses from other training agencies to AIDA. A minimum of 4 days, the crossover course will assess your knowledge and skills within the AIDA training framework and standards. Crossover course specifics are dependent on and tailored to the candidate’s current individual abilities.

• Price: 600€ incl. AIDA certification


For certified freedivers looking to enhance specific skills, we offer our Speciality courses- a chance to focus on and gain expertise in determined areas.

  • • Mouthfill €110
  • • Monofin €80
  • • No-fin €80
  • • Competition Safety Freediver €210 (excl. Aida certification)
  • • Deep Equalisation €110

• Requirements: : Hold a freediving certification, be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent), and be able to swim.


For those who are already certified freedivers (at least Level 1) and are familiar with training techniques, we offer private training sessions. In these sessions we take freedivers to improve their diving techniques and give them advice on how to find and solve their diving problems; such as deep equalisation, streamline position, visualisation, mental barriers, etc.

Sessions include Intructor guide, Freediving Equipment, buoy, line, depth weight, belt and weights.






























Hold a freediving certification, be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent), and be able to swim.


All our courses include Freediving Equipment;
OMER Fins, Belt and snorkel, ELIOS Wetsuits and Aqualung Micromask.

For those how don’t want to bring their equiment all the way or Instructors who need to equip their students we rent hight quality Freediving Equipment

  • Full Set (suit/fins/belt/mask and snorkel) 12€/day
  • OMER Freediving Fins 3€/day
  • OMER Freediving Belt 3€/day
  • AQUALUNG Mask and OMER Snorkel 3€/day
  • ELIOS Wetsuit (3mm and 5mm) 10€/day
  • Buoy and rope 15€/day
  • Weights
  • Bottom Weights

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