Dahab Freedivers is located within Red Sea Relax Resort in Dahab, South Sinai. Ideally situated just meters from the beach next to Dahab’s Lighthouse dive site, we are literally seconds from shore-accessible deep water and our confined water training area.

Dahab is a freediver’s paradise with unparalleled access to year-round all-weather training sites including Lighthouse and the world-famous Blue Hole (max. depth 90 mtrs). In Dahab you will also find purpose-built dynamic pool facilities, regular international freediving competitions, an established freediving community and, if you just want to relax and have some fun, wonderful reef replete with colourful marine life.

Dahab Freedivers Centre features an AC classroom, wetroom, hot showers, storage facilities, shop and large roof terrace where you can stretch, relax, study or socialise.

Red Sea Relax Resort is a well-known hotel in the central bay of Dahab, where besides Dahab Freedivers Centre, facilities include a bar, restaurant and roof terrace; pool; gym; beach cafe and beach leisure facilities.

When diving with Dahab Freedivers, you are entitled to discount rates in the hotel. Airport pick-ups are easily arranged and we can have you in a comfortable room about an hour after arriving at Sharm airport.


Single Room 30€

Twin/Double Room 38€

Triple Room 46€

Regular, cheap international flights to Sharm El Sheikh International airport, just 1 hr south of Dahab, give us the perfect location for your freediving get-away.

Feel free to come and visit us anytime. We've got the tea ready and we're happy to show you around, share our passion for freediving, and take in the view with you.

Considering international media attention focussing on current events in the Middle East, we would like to assure our customers and visitors that day-to-day life in Dahab carries on as normal. Dahab is a quiet, peaceful town with a hippy vibe and is globally renowned as a watersports destination of excellence.

While we understand that first-time visitors may be put off by negative media reports, please note that Dahab and the surrounding area has not been involved in any security issues. If you have any enquiries regarding the current security situation in the tourist haven of South Sinai, please don’t hesitate to ask - we’ll give you honest ‘insider’ updates.

WHAT we offer

Our Vision
Our goal is to provide and teach professional free diving courses to all levels of ability in a fun yet professional and safety-oriented manner, with a view to creating a welcoming community within our facilities where free divers can return to train or learn with friends old and new.

Using our expertise, skills and knowledge we aim to make our students aware of the various physiological and psychological processes involved in freediving, with a view to producing freedivers who feel relaxed and safe in the full knowledge of what they are doing, with the awareness that their mental and physical responses are normal.

It is our belief that freediving can only be effectively advanced by prioritising safety and instilling a broad awareness of rescue techniques in all our students.


We endeavour to get to know our customers well, to be in a position to evaluate and advise effectively; technique, repetition, a dose of humour and positive energy will be the KEY to overcoming mental barriers.

Who we are

Dahab Freedivers is a Freediving Centre run by three of the world’s most experienced freedivers in competition and training fields.

Stephen Keenan, Pascal Berger and Miguel Lozano, well known within the freediving community, are National Record holders in depth disciplines in their respective countries of Ireland, Switzerland and Spain, with performances close to world status and extensive experience in international competitions.

More importantly, with their expert knowledge, fun personalities and outgoing nature, they will guide you in a unique and memorable freediving learning experience.

In our centre you will share experiences with beginners, advanced and professional freedivers, and above all friends; we welcome you to enjoy our facilities in a relaxed, fun and comfortable environment.


Outgoing, witty, and charismatic, Miguel is one of the world’s best freedivers. In 2012 he dived to -117m at Vertical Blue in the Bahamas, an achievement which currently ranks him as the 3rd deepest person in the world in the Free Immersion discipline, a mere 4 meters short of the current World Record. In 2015 he won two silver medals at the AIDA World Individual Depth Championships in Limassol, in the disciplines of Constant No Fins and Free Immersion. He is the current holder of all Spanish depth records.

Miguel is an AIDA & SSI Instructor Trainer and Apnea Academy Instructor.

Look out for his training camps and specialised clinics - scheduled throughout the year - which focus on depth disciplines with an emphasis on technique and mental relaxation.

Pascal Berger

Swiss but with Latin blood, Pascal has in recent years burst onto the competitive freediving scene with remarkable results. A highly-qualified furniture and interior designer by profession, and dreamer by vocation, Pascal has left his stable job in Geneva to spend more time training in the depth disciplines.

He is the current holder of all the Swiss depth records and has evolved a passionate interest in the development of freediving training and training concepts. He is also the founder and owner of Octopus Lanyards and Noseclips and active in the development and design of new freediving equipment.

He is an AIDA, SSI & Apnea Academy Freediving Instructor.

Stephen Keenan

Like all good Irish men, Steve is funny, friendly and likes to socialise.

He is well-known in the freediving community, and has been involved in all aspects of freediving throughout his career. As a competitor he is the current Irish National Record holder for all depth disciplines and dynamic apnea. He is a vastly experienced safety diver, in 2014 he was Platform Manager at Vertical Blue, returning in 2015 as Chief of Safety and Event Organiser. He also worked at the World Depth Championships in Kalamata in 2013.

Steve is a long-term resident of Dahab and has been active in freediving since 2009, training hundreds of students.

He is an AIDA Instructor Trainer, SSI Freediving Instructor and PADI Freediving Instructor.


All our courses include AC classroom theory and practice at Dahab’s Lighthouse and Blue Hole dive sites. Dynamic practice will be in a 25m pool facility in Dahab.

For those who have never freedived before and would like to sample the world of freediving, we recommend our 1 day intro.
  • > Course length: 1 day
  • > Requirements: Be at least 18 years old, (or 14 with parent or guardian consent), be able to swim and have no medical contraindications for freediving (provide medical certification).
  • > Includes: Freediving equipment, insurance and certificate
  • > Price: €75
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Our 2-day course is the ‘Open Water’ of freediving
  • > Course length: 2 days
  • > Requirements: Be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent) and be able to swim. Medical certification must be completed.
  • > Includes: Freediving equipment, student’s kit, freediving insurance and AIDA** Certification.
  • > Price: €210
+ information
  • > Course length: 3 days
  • > Requirements: Be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent), be able to swim at least 400m non-stop without fins; have completed Level 1 freediving course and logged at least 15 Freediving sessions (Freediver Log book). Medical certification must be completed.
  • > Includes: Freediving equipment, student’s kit, freediving insurance and AIDA*** Certification.
  • > Price: €240
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Beginner to advanced in 1 week!
Our Combo combines our FREEDIVER and ADVANCED course, with a total length of 5 days, providing the perfect opportunity for students who want to start and immediately get into deeper freediving issues. The integration of these two courses provides solid progression and assimilation of concepts.
  • > Price: €440
+ information
  • > Course length: 4 days
  • > Requirements: Be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent) and be able to swim at least 400m non-stop without fins. Medical certification must be completed.
  • > Includes: Freediving equipment, student’s kit for the course, freediving insurance for the course andAIDA**** Certification.
  • > Price: €330
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Dahab Freedivers Master Course is a 4-week immersion into the world of free diving.
  • > Pre-requisites: Certified freediver (min. Aida ** or SSI 1).
  • > Requirements: Be at least 18 years old and be able to swim at least 400m non-stop without fins. Medical certification must be completed.
  • > Price: €545 equipment included
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The Instructor Course is a great opportunity to start your career in freediving and to teach people one of the most beautiful sports in the world. If you want to enjoy each day of your working life - Come and do it with us!
  • > Requirements: Be at least 18 yrs old, have completed AIDA**** freediving course (or equivalent), hold a validated first aid certification. Medical certification/ clearance is required (this can be processed in Dahab), and we recommend taking out professional diver insurance.
  • > Price: €950
  • > Price: €600 incl. AIDA certification
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For certified freedivers looking to enhance specific skills, we offer our Speciality courses- a chance to focus on and gain expertise in determined areas.
  • > Mouthfill : €110
  • > Monofin : €80
  • > No-fin : €80
  • > Competition Safety Freediver : €210 (excl. Aida certification)
  • > Deep Equalisation : €110
  • > Requirements : Hold a freediving certification, be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent), and be able to swim
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For those who are already certified freedivers (at least Level 1) and are familiar with training techniques, we offer private training sessions. In these sessions we coach freedivers to improve their diving techniques, giving personalised advice on how to identify and solve their diving problems such as deep equalisation, streamlined position, visualisation, mental barriers, etc.
  • > Requirements: Hold a freediving certification, be at least 18 years old (or 12 with parental or guardian consent), and be able to swim.
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All our courses include Freediving Equipment;
OMER Fins, Belt and snorkel, ELIOS Wetsuits and Aqualung Micromask.
If you don’t have your own equipment with you, or for Instructors who need to equip their students, we rent high quality freediving equipment:
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*We are also a PADI and SSI freediving center
  • info@dahabfreedivers.com

HOW to contact us

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Contact us by email, facebook or if in Dahab simply pass by our centre for information. Our business hours are 9 - 6 everyday. Have some tea and enjoy our amazing view while discussing your freediving hopes and dreams.

Or just give us a call at +20 1027 653 340

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